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Our Northern Beaches tuition services, specifically our one-on-one tutoring services, have year-on-year shown to lead to higher achievements of student aspirations, benchmarks, goals and results.

How does BTA accomplish this?

What makes BTA tutoring work?

BTA's success in the Northern Beaches tutoring market is directly correlated with it's adherence to one of its core values being; experience.


At BTA, we enrich our tutors with a wealth of experience by placing an importance on continual learning, training and personal & professional development. 

Our tutors receive numerous hours of comprehensive training, assessments, certifications and learning modules to complete in BTA's very own BOTS (BTA's Online Training System). On top of this, every BTA tutor receives hours on hours of ongoing support training as well as additional development and module training with updated resources and assets to utilise in their delivery of productive and thought-engaging lessons.


We pride ourselves on ensuring that our experienced tutors deliver the highest of quality lessons.


However...none of our clients; accomplished goals or achieved aspirations is even remotely possible without the incredible team behind BTA.  


Each and every team member listed below, is a talented individual that brings with them a unique perspective along with a volume of experience and a wealth of knowledge. 


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Meet the 
BTA Team

BTA is now accepting enrolments for Term 4, 2022 & Term 1, 2023.

With Term 4 right around the corner, spots are quickly filling, now is your opportunity to register to get the preferred availability that you are after.

 Term 4 & 2023 Enrolment 


 Term 4 starts

10th of October

Increased HSC Tutor availabilites as of
17th of October 2022

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We are always on the look out for new talented local Northern Beaches tutors who share the same passion for education as we do.

If this sounds like you, or you believe you would make a unique and valuable addition to our fabulous BTA team.

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