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At Belrose Tutoring Academy, ​we empathise and understand the difficulties that students face when it comes to learning and studying. As such, our methods for tutoring focus on one-on-one lessons that are designed around modern research and techniques to improve learning styles and student behaviour. Through the implementation of our program, we wholeheartedly believe we will be able to help your child to reach their learning goals and propel them to the next level.

BTA has always had their sights set on the future, understanding the growing improvements and advantages that technology provides to modern education. In recognition of this, we have continued to innovate and incorporate technology into our programs to provide an efficient and effective platform for your child's current and future successes. We aim to create a comfortable environment for learning where students feel comfortable traversing difficult subjects through the guidance of our talented tutors.

Currently, BTA has over 35 highly qualified and experienced tutors who have all excelled in high school and continue to perform exceptionally in their tertiary education. These tutors are able to effectively relate and connect with their students as they can empathise with the struggles that they face. Our staff are capable of teaching a wide range of subjects and always seek to meet the needs of each individual student.

Our staff have had experience working with students who have special needs including those with ADHD, dyslexia as well as behavioural and social difficulties. 

BTA currently works across many suburbs within the Northern Beaches area, including but not limited to: Belrose, Frenchs Forest, Killarney Heights, Davidson, Terrey Hills and Forestville. 

Say hi to our mascot...

Smaug is our in-office pet and mascot who inspires us to embrace our individual differences and creativity!

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