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At Belrose Tutoring Academy, ​we empathise and understand the difficulties that students face when it comes to learning and studying. As such, our methods for tutoring focus on one-on-one lessons that are designed around modern research and techniques to improve learning styles and student behaviour. Our motto, "Experienced. Modern. Results." truly captures what BTA is all about. 


Currently, BTA has over 50 highly qualified and experienced tutors who have all excelled in high school and continue to perform exceptionally in their tertiary education. Over the past 12 months, BTA has collectively taught over 13 000 hours of one-on-one tuition, with some of our HSC tutors individually teaching over 850 hours, which makes BTA tutors some of the most experienced in the business. On top of this, our tutors are unique in that they are capable of teaching a wide range of subjects and year levels, positioning them to be able to give the best guidance and advice to students as they can foresee what challenges lie ahead. 


BTA has always had their sights set on the future, understanding the growing advantages that technology provides to modern education, ideology that has become particularly relevant in 2020. In recognition of this, we have continued to innovate and incorporate technology into our service to provide an efficient and effective platform for your child's current and future successes.

Investment in 2020 has been unparalleled as BTA tutors are now equipped with over 30 Apple 7th generation iPads and Apple Pens, allowing our tutors to not only write accurately during online tutoring, but also the opportunity for our students to use the iPads in their lessons. This promotes productivity but also minimises our environmental footprint, they're also a lot of fun which subsequently promotes student engagement.

Further, BTA has an exhaustive online resource library which tutors can utilise in our academy, in your home or through our online platform. The growth in our online resource library has been complemented with BTA's acquisition of an Educational Copyright Licence which further enhances our students' learning experiences. We are also able to send all learning slides to parents and students after lessons to ensure lesson notes never get lost and that students have easy access to them prior to examinations. 


BTA's results over the past 5 years have been unequivocal, we've assisted and guided so many students to achieve their personal best, whether that be gaining entrance into an opportunity class or selective school or achieving a 95+ ATAR and gaining acceptance into an array of university courses, we've done it all.


Whilst we are able to conduct formalised assessments for our students, we often don't need to as our extensive staff training and one-on-one tutoring experience allows our tutors to easily and accurately provide up-to-date progression updates to parents and carers, without subjecting students to extra unnecessary exam stress. Parents are able to request progress reports at any time, including at set time intervals if desired, and we are also able to conduct testing to assess your child's academic capabilities, a service particularly useful for when students change school or when coming to Australia from overseas.

BTA currently works across many suburbs within the Northern Beaches area, including but not limited to: Belrose, Frenchs Forest, Killarney Heights, Davidson, Terrey Hills and Forestville. 

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