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At Belrose Tutoring Academy, ​we empathise and understand the difficulties that students face when it comes to learning and studying.

As such, our one-on-one tutoring methods are designed to enhance student engagement, knowledge and behaviour.

Currently, BTA has over 50 highly qualified and experienced tutors who have all excelled in high school and continue to perform exceptionally in their tertiary education. Over the past 12 months, BTA has collectively taught over 13 000 hours of one-on-one tuition, with some of our HSC tutors individually teaching over 850 hours, which makes BTA tutors some of the most experienced in the business. 

BTA has always had their sights set on the future, understanding the growing advantages that technology provides to modern education, ideology that has become particularly relevant in 2020. BTA tutors are now equipped with Apple iPads and Apple Pens, allowing our tutors to email lesson notes and minimise our environmental footprint. Further, we have laptops, desktops, tablets, monitors and the latest software available for our students to use. 

BTA's results over the past 5 years have been unequivocal, we've assisted and guided so many students to achieve their personal best, whether that be gaining entrance into an opportunity class or selective school, or achieving a 95+ ATAR and gaining acceptance into an array of university courses, we have done it all.

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Belrose Offices

6/25 Ralston Avenue, Belrose, Sydney NSW 2085

7/25 Ralston Avenue, Belrose, Sydney NSW 2085

14/25 Ralston Avenue, Belrose, Sydney NSW 2085

15/25 Ralston Avenue, Belrose, Sydney NSW 2085

Forestville Office

3/61a The Centre, Forestville, Sydney NSW 2087