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What To Do After Your HSC Trials

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

So you’ve just completed your trials and all of a sudden the pressure on your shoulders has been lifted and you find yourself with a seemingly boundless amount of free time on your hands. Here’s how to use it in your final stretch towards the finish line.

Beware of the post-trials depression, following the intensive period leading up to and during the trials, finding motivation to begin the slog all over again can be troublesome for many. Consequently, self-determination despite any external factors becomes the driving force behind your studies and can be the make or break of the results of your HSC. Make sure to ease back into your studies as opposed to jumping right back in and burning out quickly! Having the self-determination to utilise the period following trials to your best advantage is what differentiates many students, while you may have been slammed by the trials, this period is the time to be resilient and motivated.

It is easy to get caught up in the celebrations post trials like formal, graduation and the incessant eighteenths which will plague your studies. To combat this, time management post-trials becomes of the upmost importance and even more so once school has finished. Note all of the events you have coming up, make sure to leave time for them and study in the excess time that you have. This will allow you to enjoy the benefits of nearing the end of school, while not wholly disregarding what needs to get done and is essential for your success in the HSC.

Over the past year you will have completed a plethora of papers, rather than burying these beneath a pile of useless notes or even just throwing them away after use, bring them out and go back through them. While doing so use a writing pad to note down all of your weaknesses – Make sure to take specific note of the comments left by your teachers on your trials and other past papers which have been officially marked. Doing this for each subject allows you to highlight exactly what you need to work on and listing this out clearly, will give you goals to refer to while studying.

Now is the time to be completing practice papers for all of your subjects and receiving feedback from your teachers! If your notes aren’t complete, work on them and finish them up as quickly as possible and begin working on familiarising yourself with the HSC exam conditions. When you walk into the HSC exam, you should hopefully be completely at home and smash it out of the park.

Finally, remember that no longer is this struggle towards the finish line a battle with your peers, post-trials under the best circumstances should be a team effort. With the right work ethic and focus, the HSC will be breeze!

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