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The Importance of Visiting the Career Advisor at School

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Career advisors are an important part of your school career and your future career; but many students only visit career advisors near the end of Year 12 or don't visit them at all!

What lots of students don’t understand is career advisors can help you throughout many stages of school, such as when you are going through subject selection for Years 11 and 12, or if you want help on what electives to choose in Years 9 and 10. They are, of course, still a great person to talk to in Year 12 when you are deciding what to do after school whether that be guiding you into the right university course, TAFE course, volunteer program, trade or anything else you have your mind set on!

Well informed and truthful

When you seek advice on what to do during and after school, you’d hope for the advice to be impartial, truthful and well informed. This is where careers advisors come into play. Career advisors can give you lots of the information needed when making important decisions about further education and your career.


In a digital age, can’t you just Google what subjects you should take from Years 9-12 and what ATAR or pathway you need for your career? Not always.

Careers advisors have a wealth of knowledge that is built from experience, and it’s this experience that makes them so important. They can answer your questions about what the career you want entails, such as the working hours, remuneration, employee satisfaction, day-to-day roles and responsibilities.


It’s important to learn about the career you want to head into before starting your apprenticeship, TAFE course or University degree. Careers advisors can help you choose subjects that will build skills needed for your proposed career, advise on different routes to achieving your dream career and give you opportunities for work experience or internships in the industry.

Personalised advice

So you chose your Year 12 subjects because your friends, older sister’s or even your boyfriend’s cousin did these subjects, then got into a good university and is now earning lots of money and travelling the world…

Rather than be guided by what your friends tell you, what the internet tells you and, sometimes, what your family tells you, be guided by someone who can give you personalised advice.

It’s important to understand that it’s not about which route is better, but rather which route is the best for you. Career advisors can take into account any worries you may have about achieving your dream career, and can advise on what YOUR best route is, rather than what everyone else is doing.

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