Year 9 - 5.2 Maths

Course Description

Similar to the year 8 course, this course will start by focusing on integers, algebra and equations to ensure all students have picked up the most pivotal skills they need for success in year 9. Numerous students find complex equations difficult at this stage particularly when they are needed to be applied practically, hence why we spend so much time on these topics.


Following this, students will be taught about effective note-taking and study skills as well as how to best prepare for examinations. Later on, students will review financial mathematics including taxation and simple interest before moving on to right angled triangles where they begin to learn about trigonometry. The course finishes with two lessons focused on linear relationships where straight-line graphs, gradient and linear modelling are explored.

Course Tutor: Brennan Meyers

BTA’s co-founder, Brennan Meyers, has been tutoring students for over 12 years now. If it takes 10 000 hours to perfect a skill, Brennan certainly is well on his way. Brennan specialises in mathematics and has taught students from all different educational backgrounds and levels.

Brennan’s students often reflect on his easy-going nature which creates a great learning environment in which students are encouraged to get involved. He quickly develops rapport with them and this leads to great results. On top of his tutoring experience, Brennan has trained over 80 tutors who have or are currently still working at BTA. Brennan will be presenting the year 9 5.2 maths, year 10 5.2 maths and year 12 standard maths courses.


Year group: 9
Level: 5.2 (this course is also suitable for 5.3 students as it contains essential skills, however, it is specifically designed around the 5.2 syllabus)
Day: Thursday
Time: 4:30-6:30pm
Lesson duration: 2 hours
Lesson frequency: Weekly
Commencement date: 21st of July
Final lesson date for the term: 15th of September
School weeks: Term 3 Week 1 – Term 3 Week 9


Number of lessons: 9
Total lesson hours: 18

Minimum students for course to run: 3
Maximum students in course: 10
Cost per student per term: $549
Equivalent cost per hour for tutoring: $30.50/hr

Lesson recording: Yes
Lesson notes: Yes

Key Course Information

All BTA courses are conducted conveniently online via Microsoft Teams


Course commencing 21st of July. 
Thursdays 4:30 - 6:30pm

Weekly Course Outline

  1. Integers and algebra

  2. Expressions and Equations

  3. Harder algebra, integers and equations

  4. Study Skills and Examination Technique

  5. Financial mathematics

  6. Right angled triangles – Part A

  7. Right angled triangles – Part B

  8. Linear Relationships – Part A

  9. Linear Relationships – Part B

2 hours

Lesson Duration each week

18 hours

Total Course


Cost of


Cost of tutoring
per hour

All of our courses include:

  • Lessons run by BTA’s co-founders who have taught 1000s of students

  • Live classroom environment so students can ask questions and receive answers in real-time

  • Recorded lessons in case you miss a class or would like to review it again

  • Comprehensive lesson notes

  • Homework questions to reinforce lesson content

  • Theory for understanding and exam-style questions for preparation

  • Study skills and exam strategy planning