Year 6 Essentials

Course Description

Tom is extremely excited to be running this course for year 6 students. He has significant experience teaching students in primary school whilst continuing to teach them as they transition into high school. This has given him an extremely unique insight into the essential skills needed by year 6 students as they make the big jump.

This course will cover both mathematics and English as well as other essential skills for high school success which include study skills, note-taking and time management. Lessons will alternate between maths and English each week with the biggest focus on getting students full of confidence for year 7 by ensuring they have the essentials for numeracy and literacy success.

Course Tutor: Tom Downie

Tom Downie is one of BTA’s co-founders, helping to establish BTA back in 2015. He has tutored for over 3000 hours in a range of subjects including maths, English, PDHPE, biology and physics. He has a wealth of experience which he shares with BTA tutors in their training, but also will share with BTA students through these courses.

Tom presents in a vibrant and engaging way, ensuring students enjoy themselves as they are guided through how to navigate the intricacies of school and examinations. Tom will be presenting the year 6 essentials course which begins to prepare students for the big transition to high school, as well as the year 8 and year 11 standard maths courses.


Year group: 6
Level: All levels
Day: Saturday
Time: 1:30 – 3:30pm
Lesson duration: 2 hours
Lesson frequency: Weekly

Commencement date: 23rd of July
Final lesson date for the term: 17th of September
School weeks: Term 3 Week 1 – Term 3 Week 9


Number of lessons: 9
Total lesson hours: 18

Minimum students for course to run: 3
Maximum students in course: 10
Cost per student per term: $549
Equivalent cost per hour for tutoring: $30.50/hr

Lesson recording: Yes
Lesson notes: Yes

Key Course Information

All BTA courses are conducted conveniently online via Microsoft Teams


Course commencing 23rd of July. 
Saturdays 1:30-3:30pm

Weekly Course Outline

  1. Maths – Whole numbers including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

  2. English – Creative Writing

  3. Maths – Measurement and Geometry

  4. English – Persuasive Writing

  5. Practical Skills – Research Skills

  6. Maths - Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

  7. English – Comprehension

  8. Maths – Problem Solving

  9. Practical Skills – Note taking, Study Skills, Exam technique

2 hours

Lesson Duration each week

18 hours

Total Course


Cost of


Cost of tutoring
per hour

All of our courses include:

  • Lessons run by BTA’s co-founders who have taught 1000s of students

  • Live classroom environment so students can ask questions and receive answers in real-time

  • Recorded lessons in case you miss a class or would like to review it again

  • Comprehensive lesson notes

  • Homework questions to reinforce lesson content

  • Theory for understanding and exam-style questions for preparation

  • Study skills and exam strategy planning