Boosting confidence through syllabus revision, timed examination and relevant feedback.


At BTA, we understand that to achieve success in the HSC, students must learn to peak at the right times.

To assist students in this endeavour, we've created a comprehensive syllabus based HSC Success Program for each course; designed for success through effective preparation for trials. 

HSC Success Program Details
A comprehensive program designed to achieve success, the HSC Success Program for each course has been tailored to comprise of 2 programs; the first is the HSC Success Course which includes 5 hours of syllabus analysis and course specific revision. The second program is the Examination & Feedback Session which consists of a formal timed examination, followed by course review and examination feedback.
Where: ONLINE (via Zoom - a meeting invite will be sent via email)
When: Term 2 Holidays - Programs run between Monday 28th of June to Friday 9th of July 2021
Cost: $150 TOTAL - includes 5 hours of syllabus specific course revision and additional online examination & feedback session
Booking Deadline: Bookings for all HSC Success Programs will close as at 5PM on 27th of June 2021.
HSC Success Program Course Calendar
(Monday 28th of June to Friday 9th of July 2021)

For more information about each specific HSC Success Program course offered, please click on the corresponding course links for more details.