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Extracurriculars to Consider Outside of School

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Some of the best learning many of us have ever done has taken place outside of the classroom. In fact, it probably didn’t take place in a school setting at all. Learning is something that is not just confined to a room while we sit listening to somebody talk at the front of the class. In reality, there are those of us that learn best when the classroom isn’t involved at all.

Plus, with all the extracurriculars around these days, you can sign up to learn just about anything you want without the need to have the school involved at all. Here are some extracurriculars to consider for your children.

Music Lessons

I know that Music and Band are still often associated with schools but there are so many great Music teachers that are a quick Google search away. You’ll find someone that lives close by that will be able to provide your children instrument lessons at a good price. If you want to incorporate technology, you may even search outside your area and receive music lessons from professionals vai Zoom. By receiving lessons outside of the school, each child can move at their own pace more appropriately.

Additionally there are many youth community music groups that are great for expanding your child’s social circle while renewing their enjoyment for music in a new environment.

Book Clubs

What is more peaceful than being involved in a book club where you sit around discussing a book while sipping a beverage and eating cookies or other snacks? If I could do this every day, I would. Not only do the books themselves provide entertainment, but you get to socialize with others of all ages and hear their opinions on what you read. In school, sometimes the enjoyment can be removed from reading a novel in class because you are anticipating all of the assignments that go along with it. By joining a book club, you can renew your love of reading and just concentrate on the story itself. Try looking for reading clubs or groups at your local library or community centre.

Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed martial arts (MMA) could involve anything from boxing to karate to judo to wrestling or any other form of hand-to-hand combat. And it has never been more popular than it is now. There are numerous MMA businesses offering lessons at all times day and night.

While there are parents that become concerned when thinking of having their children participate in MMA, they should remember that it is just a sport like anything else. Except with proper MMA, your children will be able to defend themselves much better down the road if something terrible should happen in life. Knowing how to take care of yourself in dangerous situations is really something almost all of us should be learning.

Professional Tutoring

Professional tutors teach about all sorts of subjects and topics that often aren’t covered totally in school. While some schools will be lucky enough to offer one or two foreign languages, you can find a specific tutor that will educate your children on any language of your choosing. If you want your kids to get ahead in a subject as they are ready for more advanced material, they could be waiting years in school for this to happen. A tutor can make that happen immediately. Belrose Tutoring Academy has professional tutors that can work with your children on just about anything!


Nothing feels better than giving back to the community and expecting nothing back for it in return. Quiet acts of kindness can bring a sense of humility and modesty to the experience that we all need.

A soul-warming extracurricular to consider would be to volunteer at the local food shelter, animal shelter, libraries, homeless shelter, retirement homes, or even ju

st helping out your neighbours. There is something very special about reaching out and helping others in this world that need it. If more of us did this, we all would be better off.

Sports Leagues

When we look beyond school for sport programs our choices become endless. You can choose from soccer to baseball to football to ping pong and everything in between. You can also choose the intensity in the league that you sign up your children for. Do you want them to play a game once a week with only a couple of practices or would you rather have them compete a few times a week with practices occurring more often? This gives you the ultimate flexibility to choose what is best for you and your family.

Art Classes

Do your children have a love of painting, pottery, or drawing? Rather than wait until they cover these things in school here and there, you can find businesses or community programs that offer art classes within your area. This could be a perfect birthday gift for most children. Sign them up for some classes and watch their artistic style flourish.


Back in the day, school’s used to put on their own plays quite frequently which allowed the kids to be bitten by the theatre bug. Nowadays, plays don’t seem to happen too often in school auditoriums. But if you do some searching, there is a very good chance that you can find a local theatre that offers acting roles for children. Being able to perform in front of a crowd is something they will never forget! Perhaps your own child will eventually be the next big star.

Learning a Useful Skill Through Extracurriculars

It may not be a bad thing to enroll your children in extracurriculars that will teach them life skills. Having a teenager that can change their own flat tire or that knows how to cook a full meal is important. At some point soon, they should be able to stand on their own two feet and these sorts of extracurriculars could be exactly what they need.

It Doesn’t End There

There are hundreds of other extracurriculars available for children outside of school. Plus, you could be supporting a local business at the same time. Write down some of your child’s interests and provide them an opportunity to choose one or two excurriculars that match up well with their aspirations.