Boosting confidence through syllabus revision, timed examination and relevant feedback.


At BTA, we understand that to achieve success in the HSC, students must learn to peak at the right times.

To assist students in this endeavour, we've created a comprehensive syllabus based HSC Success Program for each course; designed for success through effective preparation for trials. 

HSC Success Program - Chemistry
The HSC Success Program for Chemistry is a comprehensive program that has been structured to achieve success through syllabus revision, guided explanations followed by an exam set by our tutors which will reflect HSC-like questions in exam-like conditions.
The syllabus revision and guided explanations will take place on the Wednesday (30th of June) and is split over two easily digestible presentations. The first presentation will involve covering topics of Equilibrium and Acid Reactions & Acid/Base Reactions and the second presentation will cover Organic Chemistry & Applying Chemical Ideas.
Exam & Feedback Session: A beneficial session that includes papers and exam questions that have been created by our knowledgeable and experienced tutors based off previous HSC-exam questions. The exam will take place in our Belrose offices and the aim is to prepare our students for their trials by giving them the opportunity to sit and experience a mock exam which will reflect true HSC-exam like conditions. It will also allow students to receive direct feedback and advice from our tutors on areas of improvement or additional pointers/tips to help with their responses in the HSC.
BTA Belrose Offices
HSC Success Program: Wednesday 30th of June 2021; 9AM-11:30AM and 12PM-2:30PM
Examination: Wednesday 7th of July 2021; 9AM-11:30AM 
Cost: $199 for the HSC Success Course & $99 for the corresponding Exam and Feedback Session.
NOTE: HSC Success Programs are limited in spacing, with our maximum capacity for each course limited to 8 students. Please register early in order to secure placement within these helpful programs.