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Benefits of Tuition

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

There are many great reasons to consider tuition for your child. Here are some of the reasons that we feel it is beneficial.

One-to-one teaching

Tuition offers a one-on-one teaching environment, allowing for unparalleled time and attention that cannot be achieve in schools. Investing one-on-one time and attention into a student's learning not only helps improve their confidence, but also ensures that the educational needs of the individual student is met, compared to the needs of the whole class when at school. At BTA, our one-on-one lessons are designed around modern research and techniques to improve learning styles and student behaviour.

Customised lessons

Along with a one-on-one teaching environment, tutoring also provides customised lessons. The benefit of customised lessons is invaluable for students, as lessons are tailored to suit the student’s specific learning style. This also provides room for the student to grow, so as they are able to turn a weakness into strength, their lessons also adapt to their needs.

Flexible and convenient

The great thing about tuition is you can organise lessons at a time that suits your schedule. Lessons can be easily organised around the busy family schedule, co-curricular activities and school. Some tutors are also able to provide in-home lessons, providing an extra convenience.

Various materials

Tutoring companies, such as BTA, have numerous resources available to their students. Having a large variety of textbooks allows students to get the most out of their studying, as they are exposed to a diverse range of questions. These resources become invaluable during the school term, especially leading up to exam time.

Opportunities for pre-learning

As lessons are customised to the student, this gives the opportunity for students to jump ahead of the class. Advanced students who may be feeling bored in class can be pushed ahead of the syllabus in their tutoring lessons, something that is not always available in school.

Involvement of parents

Tutoring allows for the involvement of the parents in every stage. Parents are able to discuss the progress of lessons, keep track of results and be involved in implementing methods for improvement at home. These stages and methods can be personalised to suit the student’s schedule, as well as the family schedule.

Productive feedback in real time

Tutoring allows students to receive feedback when they need it, rather than waiting for assignment results or reports to be released. Tutors are able to provide feedback for students in every lesson so they are constantly improving on the small things as well as overall concepts in the subject.

Good learning habits

Tutors are able to help students foster good learning habits though various methods. Tutors are able to recommend and promote good habits for students, and can help students maintain these habits by checking in on their progress each lesson.

Helps children enjoy learning

Most importantly, tutoring helps children enjoy their learning! Students have the undivided attention of a tutor, who is able to help them in a way that is tailored to their learning style, meaning students feel valued and confident in their learning. These feelings allow students to enjoy their lessons and can help students find a new appreciation for school and education.